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Apartment and Hotel Renovation

Your apartment and hotel renovations are important to G.A. Higgins. We provide not only expert construction to your specs, we also provide new custom furniture for your rooms, lobbies, reception, and bar areas. Custom window coverings that provide energy saving fabrics, outdoor architecture and landscaping, including custom fencing, as well as attractive awnings and signage will appeal to your clients and guests. All hotel renovations are kept current with all ADA Compliance Codes in place. G.A. Higgins strives to bring excellence to your renovation projects.


Apartment Renovations / Conversions

  • Demolition–destruction of the previous room(s) including kitchen, bath.Our crew will knock down and remove remnants, evidence of your earlier space and prepare for a new rebuild
  • Retrofit / Replace Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops – our crew will professionally replace/build custom kitchen cabinets and will work with you on color, wood preferences, location. We will expertly install kitchen countertops which are appropriate for apartment living
  • Retrofit Bath Vanities, Tub Surrounds – build/install bath vanities and install bathtub surrounds that are appropriate for apartment living
  • Replace Floor Coverings – our contracted professionals will work to replace old floor coverings and expertly install new tile, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, or carpet
  • Replace Windows – our window installers will allow for as much or as little light as needed for energy efficiency
  • Upgrade Electrical, Plumbing, HV AC- our crews will thoroughly inspect and professionally upgrade/install new electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units to spec, and bring added comfort to your tenants
  • Washer / Dryer Space Renovations – area rebuilds to accommodate for new washer/dryer space
  • Painting: Interior / Exterior – our professional paint crew takes on your indoor-outdoor painting projects with subdued colors that are perfect for your apartments, and/or building.
  • ADA Compliance –your apartment renovation projects will be current to meet state and federal ADA Compliance codes

Hotel Renovations

  • Provide New Custom Furniture (rooms, lobbies, reception, bar areas)
  • Provide Custom Window Coverings – custom window covering installation for energy efficiency with room-darkening fashion and beauty
  • Provide Exterior Renovations (landscaping, hardscapes, custom fencing) – we contract with experts in landscape design, architecture, and hardscape installations offering waterscapes, beautiful, and lush, lighting and fencing offering areas for conversation, and entertainment
  • Provide Awnings, Signage – we will contract with the best quality companies to create and install awnings and signage that will bring a professional appeal and represent your hotel brand
  • ADA Compliance – all hotel remodel projects will be current to meet all state and federal ADA Compliance Codes