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Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance And Repairs:

  • Common Area Maintenance, Light Replacement – we ensure that all common areas are maintained, and in working order. All lights are replaced for appropriate illumination for safety, energy efficiency
  • Parking Lot Maintenance, Light Replacement – our crew works to uphold parking lot safety, maintaining the area and replacing light fixtures to also ensure energy efficiency
  • Roof, Gutter Cleaning – our outdoor crew will professionally clean all areas of your roof space, as well as perform gutter cleaning to keep these spaces free of leaves, debris, mud, stagnant water, rodents, and insects
  • Power Washing – remove debris, dirt, loose paint and spider webs from fencing, cement, and buildings, prepare for stain or paint
  • Siding Repair – our crew will repair siding on homes, buildings in keeping with the beauty of your home, or professionalism of your place of business
  • Dry Rot Repair – our crew will eliminate dry rot from your infected areas, and repair, and restore the strength and integrity of your floors or other wood.
  • Fence, Deck Repair – our fence and deck experts are on it with complete repair services. From broken or rotted boards or railing, to major scrapes, or minor blemishes, will professionally restore your deck or fence to its natural beauty to entertain your family, friends, or colleagues.